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Dirty Dirty Debutantes #2

Dirty Dirty Debutantes #2

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Dirty Dirty Debutantes #2

Approximate Running Time: 2:11

About Dirty Dirty Debutantes #2

Remember in the old days when a man would sell fruits from a cart and yell “Bananas, cherries, bananas, fresh cherries!” You’d look out the window and let him know you’d be down. Well, I only offer what looks like a little banana and a couple of not so fresh cherries. What we got here is Dirty, Dirty Debutantes #2 Action, Action, Action! New to my bed is lovely Tricia DeVeraux, who despite having done a few other shots experiences a first time situation anyway – two men at once (that’s Gillis and myself). Tricia is engulfed with passion and a burning desire to please and receive. Obsession, lively and one I dare not miss, eagerly pleases and is so pleasing to the eye- she mad my night! Casey and Brandi drive home this action packed continuation in my efforts to enjoy the ones I missed and bring back the ones most requested. In pursuit of quality much of the footage is shot with a hand held camera and on a tripod. Dirty, Dirty Debutantes #2 is here! Enjoy! Love, Ed


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