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Debbie Does Dallas 1970S 1980's Adult Stars Big Tits Classic Porn 

The Dark Side of Porn S01E03 Debbie Does Dallas Uncovered

The Dark Side of Porn S01E03 Debbie Does Dallas Uncovered Also known as The Curse of Debbie Does Dallas, in the vein of Inside Deep Throat, it examines the history of the production and marketing of the 1978 cult hit, Debbie Does Dallas, and is a study of the porn industry in the 1970s. Interviews with former porn stars also try to uncover the mystery of Bambi Woods, the starlet who disappeared from porn soon after Debbie Does Dallas and was rumored to have connections with the mafia and problems…

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Passion Toys Adult DVD

Passion Toys Adult DVD Horny women making due in a pitch with who or whatever they can lay their hands on is what this sizzler is all about. Tiffany Clark is vibrant in the lead. Co-stars Laurie Smith, Serena and Sylvia Benedict. Starring: Tiffany Clark, Sylvia Benedict, Laurie Smith, Arcadia Lake, Karen Miller, Serena. Rated: XXX Fetish: Solo Run Time: 75 min. By: LBO Entertainment PRIVATE MEMBERS AREA ACCESS HERE

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