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Debbie Does Dallas 1970S 1980's Adult Stars Big Tits Classic Porn 

The Dark Side of Porn S01E03 Debbie Does Dallas Uncovered

The Dark Side of Porn S01E03 Debbie Does Dallas Uncovered Also known as The Curse of Debbie Does Dallas, in the vein of Inside Deep Throat, it examines the history of the production and marketing of the 1978 cult hit, Debbie Does Dallas, and is a study of the porn industry in the 1970s. Interviews with former porn stars also try to uncover the mystery of Bambi Woods, the starlet who disappeared from porn soon after Debbie Does Dallas and was rumored to have connections with the mafia and problems…

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Horny Temptress 1980s porn movie update 1980's Adult Stars Big boobs Big Tits Classic Porn Classic Porn Movies Vintage Porn 

Horny Temptress

Horny Temptress classic porn movie update Filled with some amazing stars and comedy from the 1980s golden age of classic porn.  This vintage gem has some of the very best porn stars from the 1980s. Studio: Classic X Stars: Ron Jeremy, Erica Boyer, Merle Michaels, Christie Ford, Jerry Butler, Michael Knight, Dave Ruby, Juliet Anderson, R. Bolla, George Payne, Bobbie Burns, Mike Filene, John Lance, Myrna Lamb, Clint Lockley

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new york babes 1970S 1980's Adult Stars 

New York Babes

New York Babes — An intimate glimpse into the major leagues of sex is the theme of this fast-paced, fast action sports film featuring a complete team of uninhibited, sex-starved babes who are as good in bed as they are out on the field. Bring plenty of pop corn, cause you won’t want to miss a second of this one — a grand slam of a movie! Starring: Vanessa Del Rio,Gloria Leonard, Samantha Fox,Serena,Laurie Smith, Marlene Willoughby, Lesllie Bovee,Helen Madigan,Christie Ford, Rikki O’Neal Studio: Arrow PRIVATE VINTAGE PORN DVD FAN…

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Princess Seka

Princess Seka – FREE PPV WATCH SEKA MOVIES NOW ! VCA Pictures brings you their must-have classics for the first time ever on DVD. A special edition for the true collector! PRINCESS SEKA is ready and willing to do whatever it takes to get her way. She won’t take no for an answer! Eleven scorching hot scenes including titty fucking, blowjobs galore, orgies, anal! Stars: Angel, Veronica Hart, Seka, Serena, Christie Ford, Gordon Duvall, Steve Maloney, Eric Edwards, Jerome Carter, Bobby Astyr, Alan Adrian, Roy Stuart, Joe Rich Studio: VCA…

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