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/ 21.01.2014

Eric Edwards – Date of birth: 30 November 1945
This redheaded stud has the distinction of lasting longer in the porno industry than any other performer. He first showed up in hardcore loops opposite Linda Lovelace way back in 1969, and he’s still going strong right up to the present day. Eric has brought his romantic, touchy-feely sexual style to more than 500 features over the past two and a half decades without losing a step.

Eric got into porn in the late 60’s, just as the industry was about to undergo its first big boom. He rode the post-‘Deep Throat’ boom to some success, performing in classic sex films like ‘Babylon Pink 1,’ where his rendezvous with Merle Michaels stood out as one of the absolute high points. Eric’s biggest exposure was due to his work in 1978’s ‘Debbie Does Dallas 1,’ one of the most popular hardcore features ever. His threeway romp with Christy Ford and Robin Byrd made him one of the most famous studs in the biz.

Eric has continued to perform in hardcore long after most of his contemporaries have departed. He’s still got what it takes to steam up a porno set, though, which is proved by his recent flicks. Eric has won virtually every industry honor, including the 1990 Free Speech Coalition’s Lifetime Achievement Award. He’s a member of the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame, cementing his status as one of the most popular studs of fans and performers alike.

Eric Edwards Movies

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3. Porsche Lynn Screws The Stars N/A
4. Lee Carroll Triple Feature N/A
5. Superstars Of Porno # 2 N/A
6. Kandi Barbour Collection N/A
7. Swedish Erotica 16 N/A
8. Swedish Erotica Ginger Lynn # 81 N/A
9. Kimberly Carson: 4 Pack N/A
10. Cult 70’s Porno Director # 5: Carter Stevens N/A
11. The Annie Sprinkle Box Set: 4 Pack N/A
12. Cara Lott’s Deep Throat Aerobics N/A
13. Taija Rae Screws The Stars N/A
14. Debbie Does Dallas – 30th Anniversary Edition N/A
15. Shauna Grant N/A
16. Screaming Orgasms N/A
17. Miss September (1973)
18. Organ Juice (1973)
19. Memories Within Miss Aggie (1974)
20. Confessions of a Young American Housewife (1974)
21. Touch Of Genie (1974)
22. Anyone But My Husband (1975)
23. Slip Up (1975)
24. The Private Afternoons Pamela Mann (1975)
25. Taking Of Christina (1975)
26. Summer Of Laura (1975)
27. Teenage Stepmom (1975)
28. Badge 69 (1975)
29. Ecstasy In Blue (1976)
30. Souperman (1976)
31. Teenage Runaways (1977)
32. Comming of Angels (1977)
33. Coming Of Angels (1977)
34. Invasion Of The Love Drones (1977)
35. The Divine Obsession (1978)
36. Angie Undercover Cop (1979)
37. Period Of Attachment (1979)
38. Love You (1980)
39. Princess Seka (1980)
40. Robin’s Nest (1980)
41. Tinseltown (1980)
42. Urban Cowgirls (1980)
43. The Budding of Brie (1980)
44. Blue Ecstasy (1980)
45. Young Wild Wonderful (1980)
46. Madchen, Madchen, Madchen (1981)
47. Amanda by Night (1981)
48. Center Spread Girls (1982)
49. Satisfactions (1982)
50. Wild Dallas Honey (1982)
51. Titillation (1982)
52. The Mistress (1982)
53. Tina Russell Classics (1982)
54. San Fernando Valley Girls (1983)
55. Private Teacher (1983)
56. Back Door Girls (1983)
57. Caught from Behind 2 (1983)
58. Fantasy Follies (1983)
59. Alexandra (1983)
60. Summer Camp Girls (1983)
61. Bubble Gum (1983)
62. Sexcapades (1983)
63. Getting Lucky (1983)
64. Working It Out (1983)
65. Sweet Young Foxes (1983)
66. Back Door Girls (1983)
67. Erotic World of Sylvia Benedict (1983)
68. The Siblings (1983)
69. An Unnatural Act (1984)
70. Vanessa: Maid in Manhattan (1984)
71. Great Sexpectations (1984)
72. Throat: 12 Years After (1984)
73. All the Way In! (1984)
74. Sex Play (1984)
75. Indecent Pleasures (1984)
76. China and Silk (1984)
77. Sinfully Yours (1984)
78. The Erotic World Of Renee Summers (1984)
79. The Erotic World Of Candy Shields (1984)
80. Loose Times At Ridley High (1984)
81. Pleasure Productions Volume 2 (1984)
82. Lingerie (1984)
83. 12 ans après… Gorge profonde II (1984)
84. Fantasy Follies 2 (1984)
85. Scenes They Wouldn’t Let Me Shoot (1984)
86. Viva Vanessa (1984)
87. Corporate Assets (1985)
88. Flesh and Ecstasy (1985)
89. Slip Into Silk (1985)
90. Fantasies Unlimited (1985)
91. Ten Little Maidens (1985)
92. Backdoor to Hollywood (1985)
93. Sensuous Tales (1985)
94. The Erotic World Of Cody Nicole (1985)
95. Blue Ribbon Blue (1985)
96. Coming of Angels The Sequel (1985)
97. Confessions Of A Nymph (1985)
98. Strange Bedfellows (1985)
99. Passage To Ecstasy (1985)
100. The Love Scene (1985)
101. Innocent Taboo (1986)
102. Gentlemen Prefer Ginger (1986)
103. Lust at Sea (1986)
104. Double Standards (1986)
105. Miami Spice (1986)
106. Having It All! (1986)
107. Lust on the Orient Xpress (1986)
108. Mouth Watering (1986)
109. Sugarpussy Jeans (1986)
110. Amber Lynn Screws The Stars (1986)
111. In All The Right Places (1986)
112. Crocodile Blondee (1986)
113. Crazy With The Heat (1986)
114. Rising Star (1986)
115. Hot Shorts Presents Sylivia Benedict (1986)
116. Climax (1986)
117. Goddess of Love (1986)
118. Holiday for Angels (1987)
119. Tracy Takes Paris (1987)
120. Little Miss Innocence (1987)
121. Furburgers (1987)
122. Slightly Used (1987)
123. Rio Heat (1987)
124. Blow Off (1987)
125. To Lust In LA (1987)
126. Oral Mania 2 (1987)
127. Playing For Passion (1987)
128. Other Side Of Pleasure (1987)
129. Backdoor Lust (1988)
130. Coming in America (1988)
131. Amanda By Night 2 (1988)
132. Bitches In Heat Volume 9 (1988)
133. Asses To Asses Lust To Lust (1988)
134. Bodies In Heat 2 (1989)
135. Mystery of the Golden Lotus (1989)
136. Talk Dirty to Me 7 (1989)
137. The Heat Of The Moment (1990)
138. Sexual Relations (1990)
139. Kitten Natividad Collection (1993)

Comimg In America 1988

Coming to America

/ 28.12.2015

Someday my princess will cum … in America! If you’re looking for your wet-dream princess, take a ride in the limousine…when you come to America, you’ll soon be cumming in America! Land of the free, home of the brave! You’ve heard of the American Dream? Get ready for the American Wet Dream!

The Siblings

The Siblings


The Siblings
Carla’s (Honey Wilder) daughter is helplessly in love with whom we discover is Carla’s lover’s son, Sammy (Mark Goldberg). What? Confused already? You should have seen the director.

What we soon find out is that Carla’s daughter (Tina Ross) may not be Carla’s husband’s daughter; in fact, Paula is the daughter of Carla’s lover Sid. Carla’s husband John (Eric Edwards) is suspicious and has hired a private dick, who discovers the obvious and informs his client. A confrontation occurs (as it well should) and John informs Paula that she and Sammy are siblings. “Seems so,” exclaims Bubblegum (Candy Cummings) who has discovered John’s desires for who we now know is not his daughter. If that is not enough, there’s a twist at the end that may cause whiplash. Caution is advised!


Having It All

Having It All


Poor Tom Byron. His co-workers think he’s a nerd and only invited him along on their country weekend because they’d heard his girlfriend was one dynamite babe. And they are right! Trinity Barnes would stand out in any crowd. Unfortunately, we don’t see enough of her. She has one scene with two other girls near the beginning and a reasonably hot tangle with Harry Reems later, but I want more. All the while she’s back in the city getting herself off while Byron, ashamed to show up without his girl, freezes his ass off all night at the railroad station while the rest of the cast enjoy themselves at the lodge. Having It All is chock full of stars in little roles, including Reems, Stacey Donovan and Eric Edwards. The rest of the cast makes up for their absence. Some of the sex is dull, but Candie Evans and Susie Spain shine in their bedroom scene with Byron after he’s seen lurking around the lodge. A little humor is provided by George Toro, who bears more than a passing resemblance to Cheech Marin. It would be interesting to see him handle more material, both in dialogue and sex. Although Having It All is set in what appears to be the wilds of Colorado, don’t expect to see much of the outdoors. But then, you knew you weren’t buying or renting a travelogue, didn’t you? This one is above average and worth a look!


Diane Sloan


Diane Sloan

Diane Sloan

Diane Sloan

Frequent partners: Denise Sloan, Eric Edwards, Merle Michaels, Ron Jeremy, Samantha Fox

Diane Slone Films

Covergirl Video Fantasies 2
Extra Sensual Pleasure
Extreme Close-Up
Girls Of Godiva High
Hot Girls
Loving Lesbos
Nurses Are Coming
Oral Majority
Sophisticated Pleasure
Tigresses And Other Man-Eaters

Neon Nights

Neon Nights


Neon Nights is a hot, hardcore odyssey into the mind o one troubled teenager, Sandi (Lysa Thatcher), who copes as best she can with a broken home life and the advances of her mother’s lover, Robert (Jamie Gillis). Sandi’s escape is a route of ‘neon nights’ – flashes of color, fantasy and sound. The breaking point is reached when the young girl is approached in the bathroom by Robert. The two seduce each other to near-climax when Mommy (Linda Vale) catches them. Sandi runs away. Hitchhiking, she meets Harian (Jake Teague), a magician with remarkable powers. Sandi lies in Harian’s motel room as he levitates her. He and his sexy assistant, Sweet Marie (Jody Maxwell) force their own lusty sensations in to Sandi’s mind. Sandi experiences their climaxes powerfully. In Manhattan, she meets Rhonda (Veronica Hart), and Snow (Eric Edwards), her man-servant and live-in lover. The two have just made passionate love. Bitchy Rhonda insists she can teach Sandi a level of sophistication to match her own. Sandi agrees. Snow is sent to deliver a package to a mysterious Mr. Prince. He is greeted by childlike Lilah (Arcadia Lake). Her aggressive seduction of Snow builds into molten explosion. As Lilah lies exhausted, Mr. Prince (Jamie Gillis) watches her sleep. The time has now come for Sandi to meet Prince. In the tappings of a full-grown woman, she is ushered into an orgy. Robert, Snow, Harian, Sweet Marie, Rhonda, Lilah, and Sandi herself deliver powerful erotic thrills. How many x-raters would you want to have on video for frequent home viewing? Neon Nights is one of those films – and there aren’t many

Rated: XXX
Run Time: 84 min.
Director: Cecil Howard

Bodies In Heat

Body In Heat


Herschel Savage stars as the ubiquitous hard-boiled private eye in this classic sexvid. He’s a rough and tumble stud who never turns down a job — or a lady. He gets the action rolling by taking on dispatcher Janey Robbins in a heated rendezvous, and things only get hotter from there. Herschel’s got a thick little cutie of an assistant in Lisa De Leeuw, but it seems that he’s only got eyes for his clients or subjects. Just his luck, he gets a call from gorgeous Annette Haven about a stolen antique watch. Of course, once Herschel lays his eyes on Haven’s delectable form, he knows that he must have her. Which he does in a spectacularly erotic tryst. From that point the flick becomes a hardcore variant on ‘Double Indemnity,’ with Savage and Haven plotting to bump off her murderous husband (Eric Edwards). There are a few more plot twists along the way, as well as a good bit of body-to-body rocking. Some of the tastiest tarts in early 80s porn are on hand for this one, including Kimberly Carson, Raysheena and the lushly curvaceous Lisa De Leeuw. ‘Bodies in Heat #1’ was a huge hit upon its original release and still holds up today as a first-rate dose of erotic entertainment
Run time: 85min


Cecil Howard's Babylon Pink

Cecil Howard’s Babylon Pink


Cecil Howard’s Babylon PinkWATCH FREE PPV HERE
2007 AVN Award Nominee for Best Classic DVD.
XRCO Hall of Fame Movie!

Often imitated, NEVER duplicated, Babylon Pink is the blushing-hot female fantasy film of all time! The outrageous Cecil Howard and Henri Pachard join for a long, shameless probe into the most intimate erotic desires of the hottest stars in the world! Never before has a film been this nasty, this unforgettable. You’ll see VANESSA DEL RIO, a tigress in heat…SAMANTHA FOX in total submission…MERLE MICHAELS, and erotic plaything for naughty Eurasian ARCADIA LAKE and stud ERIC EDWARDS…GEORGINA SPELVIN, out-stripping all her previous performances in unspeakable ecstasy…DEBBIE REVENGE, queen of defiled sensuality, eaten alive by desire…GEORGETTE SANDERS, all wicked innocence and burning curiosity…and more! For seasoned, willing adults ONLY, this Adult Film Association Best Picture of the Year is required viewing for anyone who wants the best possible erotica.

Babylon Pink was also voted into XCRO’s (X-Rated Critics Organization) Hall of Fame!
Approximate Running Time: 01:15:53
Released: 1979


Keisha and Company


Keisha and Company
Gorgeous, busty and always ready for action, Keisha was one of the most exciting and enticing women on the 80s porn scene. This searing compilation collects some of her most memorable scenes in one pulse-pounding package. Salacious segments from some of her best-known co-stars help round out the ravishing ribaldry. It’s Keisha who’s the main draw, though, and she shares her luscious natural curves with viewers in six sizzling scenes of out-and-out erotic perfection. Among the highlights is Keisha’s ravenous hot tub humdinger with Peter North, and a sweaty, sensual tryst with Eric Price in a mirrored dance studio. Keisha shines in a clip from ‘Body Music #2,’ showing a skeptical Eric Edwards that she’s quite sexy enough to star in his latest erotic opus. In fact, she drives him right over the edge with her energetic, passionate romping. Keisha also gets in on some serious Sapphic sizzle, taking on Nina Hartley and Erica Boyer in a pair of white-hot lesbian blasts. With one of the prettiest faces to ever grace a sex film and a massive set of natural wonders bursting out of her blouse, Keisha’s delightfully alluring charms are sure to please
Run Time: 120 min


Sexual Instinct


Sexual Instinct
Sometimes you just have to go with your instincts, and when you’re delicious Ashlyn Gere, that means delving into your wildest sexual desires. Ashlyn plays a struggling painter whose nude subjects are starting to populate her dreams. Each dream is more stunningly steamy than the last, until she can’t take it anymore and needs to take matters (and a few lucky friends) into her own capable hands. Meanwhile, her erotic works of art are causing gallery owner Jon Dough and his sexy secretary Cassidy to experience some sultry stirrings of their own! Will Ashlyn get her stuff shown in their gallery? With subjects this enticing, she’s sure to have the art world at her feet — or at least the foot of her bed!
Run Time: 85 min.
Director: Eric Edwards