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Neon Nights

Neon Nights


Neon Nights is a hot, hardcore odyssey into the mind o one troubled teenager, Sandi (Lysa Thatcher), who copes as best she can with a broken home life and the advances of her mother’s lover, Robert (Jamie Gillis). Sandi’s escape is a route of ‘neon nights’ – flashes of color, fantasy and sound. The breaking point is reached when the young girl is approached in the bathroom by Robert. The two seduce each other to near-climax when Mommy (Linda Vale) catches them. Sandi runs away. Hitchhiking, she meets Harian (Jake Teague), a magician with remarkable powers. Sandi lies in Harian’s motel room as he levitates her. He and his sexy assistant, Sweet Marie (Jody Maxwell) force their own lusty sensations in to Sandi’s mind. Sandi experiences their climaxes powerfully. In Manhattan, she meets Rhonda (Veronica Hart), and Snow (Eric Edwards), her man-servant and live-in lover. The two have just made passionate love. Bitchy Rhonda insists she can teach Sandi a level of sophistication to match her own. Sandi agrees. Snow is sent to deliver a package to a mysterious Mr. Prince. He is greeted by childlike Lilah (Arcadia Lake). Her aggressive seduction of Snow builds into molten explosion. As Lilah lies exhausted, Mr. Prince (Jamie Gillis) watches her sleep. The time has now come for Sandi to meet Prince. In the tappings of a full-grown woman, she is ushered into an orgy. Robert, Snow, Harian, Sweet Marie, Rhonda, Lilah, and Sandi herself deliver powerful erotic thrills. How many x-raters would you want to have on video for frequent home viewing? Neon Nights is one of those films – and there aren’t many

Rated: XXX
Run Time: 84 min.
Director: Cecil Howard

Annie Sprinkle

Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle

/ 29.07.2014

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Digitally remastered from the original 35mm negative. Unquestionably Annie Sprinkle’s finest film, “Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle”, represents one of the best examples of the golden age of adult entertainment. A Stellar early example of “docu-porn”, Annie combines her trademark sexual kinkiness and taboo-defying sexual fantasies to produce some of the most memorable erotic scenes recorded on film. Made with legendary director Joe Sarno and featuring the legendary Ron Jeremy in one of his earliest roles, Annie presents a personal account of her life introducing vignettes showing off her unbelievable sexual fantasies. An all time fan favorite, VideoXPix is proud to present the full uncut, uncensored version for the first time since it’s original cinema release.
Stars: Lisa Be, Judy Bilodeau, Sassy, Lee Starr, Annie Sprinkle, Barbara Miller, Heather Young, Sheisha Jones, Ron Jeremy, Roger Ram, Michael Gaunt, Ron Hudd, Bobby Soccie, Mal O’Ree, Mike Filene, Buddy Hatton, Jake Teague, Marc Valentine
Studio: Distribpix / Video-X-Pix
Series: Platinum Elite Collection
Disc Set: Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle – Platinum Elite Collection
Approximate Running Time: 00:52:45
Released: 1982