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Gayle Sterling


Porn Star Gayle Sterling looks every inch the 80s lady. With her feathered hair, overdone make-up and naturally voluptuous figure, she represents exactly what folks think of when they dream of 80s hardcore strumpets. Gayle Sterling rode the 80s porn video boom to a certain level of stardom, then disappeared from the business in a flash.

Gayle Sterling first started showing up in hardcore flicks in 1982, well before there were any pro-am or amateur tapes in which to get your feet wet, so to speak. She made that typically 80s leap from runway stripper/would-be actress to porner straight away. In an era in which acting chops were actually somewhat in demand, Gayle Sterling’s light touch with dialogue and willingness to do anything and everything on camera made her a natural for the biz.

Among Gayle Sterling’s best early work is the groundbreaking 1983 feature ‘Reel People.’ It was the first attempt by porn producers at something approaching pro-am video, as real swingers got matched up with hardcore stars. Gayle Sterling appeared in a scene with Portland, Oregon flight instructor Chuck and pretty newbie Priscilla in a surprisingly torrid threesome. Her ease in front of the camera helped everyone settle down and enjoy themselves.

In the classic 1984 Shauna Grant vehicle ‘Suzie Superstar,’ Gayle Sterling all but stole the show from the headliner with a pair of romps. She joined Ron Jeremy and Laurie Smith for a steamy threesome, then returned for more in a threeway with Laurie Smith and Jon Martin. Both scene shimmer with pure, unfettered sexual zeal.

Gayle Sterling appeared in a couple of sexy space operas, including ‘Sex Wars’ and ‘Starship Intercourse,’ where she hooked up with Mike Horner and Tom Byron for some intergalactic eroticism. Another highlight of her career is 1988’s ‘Erotic Adventure of Bonnie and Clyde,’ in which Gayle Sterling took on Alicia Monet and Jon Martin in a feverish fling, then joined Billy Dee for a climactic clinch.

Gayle Sterling left the scene in 1988. By the time she retired, she had appeared in around seventy salacious sexvids. Each one of them is pure 80s porn bliss. Although she may look like someone who’s stuck in the past, Gayle Sterling’s hardcore flicks are sure to appeal to audiences long into the future.

Gayle Sterling

Gayle Sterling

Adultery Gayle Sterling
Splashing |



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Honey Wilder stars in Splashing, a 1986 compilation of great classic scenes. It’s 86 minutes of scenes from the industry’s past, with a whole cavalcade of stars on display… including the hedgehog himself- Ron Jeremy. Stick around for the third scene, in which Honey, Lisa DeLeeuw and Laurie Smith enjoy Tom Byron’s cock together in the shower.

Approximate Running Time: 01:25:34

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Passion Toys Adult DVD

/ 28.10.2015

Passion Toys Adult DVD
Horny women making due in a pitch with who or whatever they can lay their hands on is what this sizzler is all about. Tiffany Clark is vibrant in the lead. Co-stars Laurie Smith, Serena and Sylvia Benedict.
Starring: Tiffany Clark, Sylvia Benedict, Laurie Smith, Arcadia Lake, Karen Miller, Serena.
Rated: XXX
Fetish: Solo
Run Time: 75 min.
By: LBO Entertainment

New York Babes

New York Babes

/ 05.07.2015

New York Babes — An intimate glimpse into the major leagues of sex is the theme of this fast-paced, fast action sports film featuring a complete team of uninhibited, sex-starved babes who are as good in bed as they are out on the field. Bring plenty of pop corn, cause you won’t want to miss a second of this one — a grand slam of a movie!

Starring: Vanessa Del Rio,Gloria Leonard, Samantha Fox,Serena,Laurie Smith, Marlene Willoughby,Lesllie Bovee,Helen Madigan,Christie Ford, Rikki O’Neal

Studio: Arrow


Throat: 12 Years After

/ 02.01.2015

From Gerard Damiano, the man you brought you the classic Deep Throat, comes his most erotic film to date. First, it was Deep Throat. Now, 12 sexually liberated years later, Gerard Damiano brings us a scintillating look at our “anything goes” society. From swing clubs, to extra-marital affairs, to orgies, to studs-for-hire, Samiano leaves no kink unturned in this quest to show just how far we’ll go to achieve carnal satisfaction.
Stars: Baby Doe, Margo DuMont, Sharon Kane, Laurie Smith, Michelle Maren, Sharon Mitchell, Annette Heinz, Joanna Storm, Athena Star, Annie Sprinkle, Spring Taylor, Nicole Bernard, George Payne, Kenny Dee, Gerard Damiano, Bill Landis, Marc Stevens, David Sanders, Eric Edwards, Alan Adrian, Joey Silvera, Jerry Butler
Studio: VCA
Series: Deep Throat
Director: Gerard Damiano
Approximate Running Time: 01:23:24
Released: 1984

San Fernando Valley Girls

San Fernando Valley Girls

/ 10.11.2014

San Fernando Valley Girls PPV WATCH HERE
This is a species known as a Valley Girl; we’ll call her Tiffany. The fact that Tiffany is a girl that lives in the Valley is not enough to make her a Valley Girl. Valley Girls or a “Vals” — as they are more commonly referred to — are a highly complex breed made up of definable attitudes, speech patterns and dress. Let’s start with the packaging. And so, when all is said and done, Valley Girls are not all that different than other girls, I mean, like, all they really want is Valley Boys. For sure. For sure.

Stars: Juliet Anderson, Gina Martell, Janey Robbins, Laurie Smith, Sharon Mitchell, Debi Diamond, Paul Thomas, Jamie Gillis, Hershel Savage, Billy Dee, Eric Edwards, Mike Horner, Joey Silvera
Studio: Caballero Video
Director: Louis Lewis
Approximate Running Time: 01:17:41
Released: 1983