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Porn star classics – Still classic after thirteen years !

Palm Beach, FL – Back in 2001 inside a garage located in the San Fernando Valley of California the company SMASHBUCKS.COM grew with it’s launch of the flag ship site PORNSTARCLASSICS.COM . Celebrating the adult classic film stars such as John Holmes , Christy Canyon, Ginger Lynn, Seka, Ron Jeremy Amber Lynn, Marc Wallace, Nina Hartley, Kay Parker, Traci Lords, Vanessa Del Rio and many more. Mike Hawk and his partner were discussing the idea of “Napster” and they had decided that this group was the “devil”! Their plan was to launch .Mpg files into the world of the p2p (peer network sharing). The plan was to see if they could spread viral videos that were being water marked, and had traceable links, in which they could direct traffic back to a specific page.

After the first week of some carefully named files, they not only spread across pages in the thousands, but now everyone else was sharing their movies. All from 1 single file thousands had replicated and their garage experiment would prove to be the turning point in a business. Not only did the file bring back visitors to a specific page, but sales from the links on that page grew from a few dollars to hundreds and later becoming thousands. After being paid such a large amount the conclusion they asked themselves was, “how much money is this company making that was paying us ?” So all the money that was made by the viral files was now being poured into the next direction, to build a super program and its flag ship sites would all be based on Classic adult porn, this company would be known as Smashbucks.com.

The idea of using classic porn was brilliant because it was timeless and would never bore, it would always be wildly popular. Hawk recalls talking to other industry webmasters in the beginning and none of them really knowing who Christy Canyon, Ginger Lynn or Seka was. “It was pretty funny” Hawk comments. PornStarClassics.com was one of the very first true classic porn sites online, and according to some reliable sources the giant company AEBN even added the “classic channel” to their Pay-per-view model based on a Las Vegas AVN trade show conversation back in 2004 with Smashbucks. There has always been the discussion of why classic stars are better or different than the modern day adult star and If you ask one of the partners of Smashbucks they will tell you the history of how this all came to be. It started from movies such as Behind the Green Door and Deep Throat, Hawk says “they set the standard and truly loved what they did beyond a pay check, they were all natural, unshaven beauties”. The history of how classic porn was dubbed the name “Golden Era of Porn” is actually very interesting and many of us remember it and some were too young to understand how the first adult fims shaped the industry and have paved the way for most of what we have today. Notably the film starring Marilyn Chambers “Behind the Green Door” and “Deep Throat” which were both debuted in 1973 when porn was consider “chic” and was even being shown in theaters on 42nd street in New York City and all over America in Drive-in’s. “It was the thing to do back then, it was socially acceptable and even discussed openly” says Hawk. These adult films were budgeted a production value of $60,000 and grossed over $25 million, that’s pretty intense for an adult film from 4 decades ago. “People would line up outside and wait for the doors to open to see Deep Throat, and giant signs above the theater had XXX Deep Throat written all over it!” This was 40 years ago that these movies were featured and still to this day the company recieves dozens of emails from people all over the world asking where they can find these classic titles. “It amazes me, but doesn’t surprise me. These are truly classic films that will continued to be shared among young and old for years to come and we are very happy to have brought it back to the market place in the newest formats available for viewing including mobile devices” smiles Hawk.


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